Rosa Rodriguez – USMLE Step 2 CS Experience


Hey guys, I PASSED THANK GOD! This group is amazing!

Hope this could help someone ?

YOG: 2018

Step 1: 06/30/18

Step 2ck: 02/16/19

Step2cs: 04/08/19 Houston.

All of them 1st attempt.

Step 2 CS

Study time: 1 month

Resources: UW and FA(one time each) sheerazi notes, and the practice material from usmle step 2cs website. Please watch their video! It is very important!

Study partners: one, my husband (he is not in the medical field)

Mistakes: (or that’s what I think?)

-I told a pt he needed to go home and then I would call him to let him know about lab results… he needed to stay at the hospital FOR SURE (I realized it after going out of the room)

-I wrote only 2 diagnosis in at least 8 patient notes! (I have heard that 3 are much better)

-My physical exams were so specific ( ex: foot pain then I would examine the feet and if I had time would listen heart and lungs)

-I did not finish 1 patient note

-I asked 1 sp to repeat a challenging question (not because I did not understand, I was trying to give me some time because I did not know what to say ?)

-Im pretty sure I did not do several maneuvers (that I think were a MUST) in 2 patients!

-I think I misdiagnosed at least 3 patients! And I had a same diagnosis for 2 patients! ?

-In my first patient encounter I asked a question TWICE. I felt so embarrassed because he told me “yeah as I told you..”

-Im pretty sure I did not understand ( AT ALL) a story that a patient was telling me because he was speaking so slowly but I was sure that he was telling something bad so I told him “ Im so sorry to hear that” and continued with questions.

Good things:

-I always smiled and called them by their last name.

-Knocked the door

-I asked siquoaraa and pmhrfosss in at least 11 patients.

-I used transition sentences

-I told them about the confidentiality and importance of the personal questions (social history)

-I washed my hands in every patient encounter, meanwhile I asked them for their occupation and then started a conversation about it (example: if they were retired: “oh! Awesome! Are you enjoying it?…” )

-I asked permission to untie and lower/raise gown. Only exposed what I needed to examine

-Helped them sit up

-I tried to warm my stethoscope before auscultate.

-When I would hear “there are 5 minutes remaining” I would think “okay one more examination”. After that I started to tell the summary and their physical findings.. possible diagnosis and diagnostic tests (I explained everything in non medical therms)

-I never ran out of time. I finished all my patient encounters with 2 minutes left ( I was so nervous about that because I used to see other students already doing patient notes and I was just going out of the room!)

-I think my patient notes were so-so. HPI PMH SHX FmHx. Physical examination: I described everything with findings. if pharynx was clear: “no pharyngeal erythema”

I FINISHED EXHAUSTED! Worst exam ever in my whole medical career! I was completely sure I had failed! These 2 months were so horrible ???Im so happy Im done with this!

The famous “trick” worked for me. I got my result on FCVS at 12 am central time on Wednesday! If you wanna know more about this look for the file “the trick” under files of this forum.

I will try to explain it:

Go to this link and make an account to apply for step 3.

After you have your account there are 2 cases:

-If you already took step 1 and step 2 ck you can go to “usmle step 3” option and if It says that you are now eligible to apply for step 3 means that you passed. If it says that you are not. means that your score is not available yet or you failed. Another way to find out is that instead of going to “usmle step 3” option, go to “FCVS credentialing services” (start a new application, go back, then go again under application and “continue”) and under education and examination history you will find a blank space (if your result has not come out yet) or pass/fail

-If you only took step 1 and step 2cs the only option that works is the “fcvs” (the one I explained already)


October 12, 2019
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