Rosa Rodrigues – USMLE Step 2 CK Experience


Hey guys! I got my score ❤️
YOG: 2018
Step1: 211 07/31/18
Step2 CK: 02/16/19
Score result: 239 03/06/19 (3rd Wednesday! The “permit thing” worked for me, I looked for it every other day. I checked it 02/28/19 and I still had it and then disappeared 03/02/19 and 4 days later I got the result ? My eligibility period was about to end in 03/31/19).

Uwsa1: 246 01/25/19
Uwsa2: 243 02/11/19

Preparation time: 6 months with sometimes a whole week off or studying more than 12 hours a day.

I started with kaplan videos for step 2 CK. In my opinion I dont think they are very helpful, maybe only obgyn, endo and pediatrics. Then I read FA step 2 ck and MTB, I liked both of them, I think they are a complement of each other, sometimes fa had the answers that I was looking for or sometimes MTB had them.
Uworld first pass: 70%
Then I moved to uworld all notes (the file that is in this group) AND OMG! Whoever wrote that file THANK YOU SO MUCH! THANK YOUUUUUUU! IT IS PERFECT! It has everything from uworld (at that time) and it is so well organized! (I noticed that uworld uploaded some new questions so the file will need to be updated as well, I strongly recommend you to do uworld online and read the file of all uworld notes).

In the last week I read a little bit of first aid step 1 just to remember a couple of the basic things and statistics (which I hate the most ??)

Test day: I marked at least 10 questions or more per block but I could only check 1-2 because I was running out of time! I got very very very tired after the test! I slept for 16 hours after that!

Im so happy that Im done with this test and I can move on to the next one! Planning to take CS in April!

-Planning to apply for FM, Pediatrics and psychiatry match 2020

Thank you so much, this group is amazing, I got a lot of help here.

October 11, 2019
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