Rajesh’s USMLE Step 1 – 271 Experience

Rajesh’s USMLE Step 1 Experience

Video Lectures and Books used:

First Aid USMLE Step 1

High Yield Gross Anatomy

High Yield Behavioural Science

Conrad Fischer’s 100 Most Likely cases Kaplan Medical Ethics

Fundamentals of Pathology (Pathoma) – Dr. Hussain Sattar’s book



Kaplan Qbank


All 3000 NBME questions

NBME Scores:

NBME 15 – 248

NBME 16 – 257

NBME 17 – 265

NBME 18 – 267

I did all 15 NBMEs (Retired i.e. Offline as well as Online).. above scores are of the online ones.

General Prep Style:

First I finished reading FA & Pathoma end – to – end. Only after that did i read books if needed. My method of preparation was different. I had a question-centric approach to my studies. While First Aid was my main book.. I only referred to the other books as and when i needed them when i did not know something in a Qbank and needed to refer to text.. I would use the books and would Google for the topic. But the main modus operandi I used was: Questions, Questions and Questions !! I would do a block of random questions in a question bank. Then i would read the answers + explanations carefully. I would use other resources i.e. books and google.. only if i did not understand anything in the qbanks. If i understood..I would annotate whatever smal amount was must – annotate into FA. I would not annotate everything. In this way, my style of preparation was much different. But i think it was a better style of preparation. I concentrated on questions…including NBME. NBME doesn’t declare correct answer + explanation as we all know. But i did it from the explanations compiled by previous students and in that way i did all 3000 questions. It was very helpful.

USMLE Step 1 Exam Day Experience:

I slept well before the exam and i was at peak performance in exam.. I did each block and took a break. I neever wanted to do blocks back to back as my brain kinda freezes if i do many questions together. So i did all the blocks and then in between took 5 mins of break. I recommend memorizing all the Lab Values in the front of First Aid USMLE Step 1 book so that in the exam you dont have to waste time to see the Lab Values part of the software repeatedly as in almost every other question they will have lab values and it is a wastage of time. Also, I recommend you not to study in the day before the test as it is unnecessary strain. Prepare well in advance and take last day as a break. It is not wise to strain in the end as believe me you will recall everything even from years ago. Relaxing and having a rested mind is key to a great score.

September 16, 2018
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