Raasiq Ul Iman – USMLE Step 2CK Experience – 240

I see that no one has put up any experience after the score reporting from last Wednesday. So, I am herewith sharing my experience having taken the exam after the change in question pool took full effect. Alhumdulillah, I scored a 240. I gave my exam on 11th Sept. and received my score report on 3rd Oct. Not really a super good score and that is why I was waiting for other fellas to update their experience but I finally decided to post this to make it relevant to the others who are expecting their result very soon or are in the process of taking their exam.

I am currently working and I prepared for a total of 4 and half months where I took off for 2 months in 2 sessions. I did offline uworld once and made notes from it. I revised my notes before I took my exam. I made sure to memorize all the flowcharts from uworld. I did a few blocks here and there from uworld for step 3 in the systems which I found a bit difficult which helped me boost my confidence. I also did CMS and NBMEs and I do NOT think that they were of any help! I used Uptodate like crazy and trust me when I say that it covers a lot of topics which are tested in the real exam which you may not find in uworld.

UWSA 1: 257
UWSA 2: 248

Summary: I strongly believe that Uworld is enough for a decent score. Make sure you memorize the flowcharts. I will also emphasize the wise use of Uptodate as a source to enhance the knowledge base that you build over uworld.

If you have any queries, I will be happy to help. Please post them below in the comments section.
Alhumdulillah for everything and please remember me in your priced orisons. I wish you all good luck. You can do this!!

October 11, 2019
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