Pragnya Reddy – USMLE Step 2 CK Experience – 240+

Updated my Exam Experience:

Just got my score 240+…Thanks everyone and achieved this because of god blessings and your wishes !

NBME 4 Online – 5 days before 242
UWSA – 15 days before 244
UW FIRST turn 67% and SECOND TURN 87%
FRED 3 days before around 90%

Update: You can ask any qs..I will answer accordingly. I will post detailed experience in 2 days because am preparing for my journey !

UPDATE: AS promised below is my Exam and Preparation Experience:

Preparation time: About 6-7 months
Books used: MTB 2 & 3, Kaplan just one reading (incomplete)
Q Banks: UW UW UW only
Other Sources: UTD just as a reference for few tipoics
Assessments : NBME online,CMS and UWSA

I have decided long back NOT to study before the day of exam and want to have sound sleep and everything went well as per my plan. I went to prometric center by 7:30 AM and they allowed me to begin exam by 8 AM. Prometric staff usually give preference to USMLE students vs GRE/TOEFL students bcz our exam is lengthy.

Exam Time management: Just like my UW Q bank, I had about 5 min to review marked qs. I just marked 5-7 qs per block because i knew that, we wont have enough time to review more than 10 marked qs. I just marked few qs which i believe can workout later. Other qs, I just want to make my best educated guess for which am not sure. I was usually close to 2 answers and picked best out of them.

All blocks went well regarding time management but was like rushing with out having enough time to think. You need to get prepared mentally about this sprint race. No luxury to think leisurely and if you waste time initially, then you need to compromise on block end qs. My best suggestion, is don’t overthink too much and do it quickly but at the same time don’t skip important information. Just maintain balance and be disciplined though out the exam.

I had 44 qs in 6 blocks, 42 qs in 1 block and 32 qs in last block. Questions are not lengthy but options were tricky and consume time. In a given block all qs were about 5 lines except 4-5 qs which are little bit lengthy. So save your time in easy qs and divert that time for complex qs. I had 3 EKG’s, 3 Heart sounds and 1 Drug Ad.

Finally Exam is DOABLE and anyone can make 240+ if they work smartly on UW Q bank and weak points. Just be positive and don’t believe rumors that exam is highly difficult. Obviously usmle is the toughest exam but at the same time doable exam for students who work smartly with proper study plan. Read all UW explanations in and out..I would say exam was vague but doable for any hardworking student. Feel free to ask me any qs…thank you so much guys..Now I have started my step 3 preparation. Wish me good luck…All the best…

October 11, 2019
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