Philly RECENT USMLE Step 2CS Experience


Got my results today and I passed CS only due to God’s mercy, I’m an IMG with a fairly good hold over English. This is my first USMLE step. I gave my exam in Philly, I didn’t know it was a center that is unofficially known to not be in favour of IMGs until after the exam. I did find some of the proctors to be rude, yes, I’m probably the first person to have passed and complained about the center. I was one of 3 IMGs that day in the center, and the only one for my set of 12 people and that pretty much had me waver the whole day, thinking about how the SPs would immediately find out from my accent.Truth be told, my cases were a lot harder than first aid, almost 4 of my cases were totally unrelated from FA cases. But once u go over FA it gives you the confidence to do any case, that is why FA should be your number one source. I prepared with a study partner over skype, we went over FA cases twice and we would ask challenging questions to each other out of curiosity. We practiced along with a CS timer app by NYCS. I didn’t have the luxury to practice on a live person, but I guess if u do get a chance, u should definitely do that, nothing like it. I didn’t take any prep courses, but in hindsight if u have the money for it, u should take it, every single day before my result I kept wondering that it would have been a good idea if I indeed had taken one. But I guess who ever is not doing a prep course should find peace in knowing that an IMG like me who just prepared for three weeks and in that only 1 week very seriously could do it, even you can. I almost got conned by a fellow (who is a part of this group, but I’ll be decent and not name him)who said that he would coach me for CS for about 40 dollars an hour and he baited me in saying that he would give me cases that have appeared for the actual exam, something about him was fishy right from the start, and at the end of 100 dollars, there were no cases. Luckily for me, I was on my toes, but I would have lost a lot more. So please be wary of such people who can take advantage of your desperation. At the end of the day, be nice to SPs, treat them as you would real patients, keep a track of time.

Some of my faults:
I did not have closure for two of my cases
I ran out of time for one patient note
I wrote just one unrelated DD for one case
I forgot to wash my hand for one case
I accidently uncovered a patients pubic area, but was quick to apologise, so be very gentle with the draping and tying the gown.

I thank my skype study partner, you know who you are.

I wish everyone of you all the very best.

October 12, 2019
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