Ph Bo – USMLE Step 3 Experience


Passed step3 with high 220s with 2weeks prep time (yes only 2wks is all I could afford as vacation time while in residency and couldn’t study prior to it and wanted to give exam before my 3month extension lapsed and I lose the entire money) and passed by God’s grace.. I scheduled exams on Jan 24 and Jan 30 and did CCS first time during that one week break between 2 exams..

My 2cents especially for those who recently matched, who are residents and those who have given their step 2CK recently:
1. Give step3 right after step2 CK if you can.. Exam is mostly Step2 based.
2. Uworld and only uworld is enough for both questions and CCS. In fact I couldn’t complete entire uworld even once.
3. If you are bad at BioStatistics which I call it BS ?for short, then focus on rest of the medicine and happily skip those questions and use that time for others which is what I did.. I never activated my BS uworld nor attempted to read any drug questions asked in the exam (yea please don’t do this if u plan on getting higher scores.. For me, passing is all I needed since I’m already a resident)

Most of you probably know I’ve bad Step1 score due to medical reasons and still managed to match and now finished USMLE FOREVER.. Don’t lose hope and keep chasing your dreams… Good luck to those taking it and Congrats to those who passed.. Chidambaram Ramasamy 251 seriously??? Dude I wanna know what you eat or drink? lol


October 13, 2019
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