Paula Wendoline Soprano – Step 2 CK Exam Experience


I passed step 2 CK!! Not a great score, but I was only aiming to pass. First of all, i want to say THANK YOU to this awesome community, I think it is amazing that people from different countries, that do not know each other and have very different cultures/sex/religion, can help each other like this. If only politics were a little bit more like us… the world would be a better place!

Second of all, my experience: I am not a good example because I wasn’t consistent for personal reasons, but if I learned something from the exam is this:

1) The toughest part for me is STAMINA. After a few hours, i found it really hard to keep focused reading, I was really tired. Perhaps I should have taken a caffeine pill after 4 hours or so (i only took 1 coffee in the morning, and food, of course, that’s all).

2) Rest when you feel like it. You don’t have to go outside after every block, but at least take a minute or two between one and the next one (this you probably know already, from step 1).

3) IT’S DOABLE. And this is the most important thing that I would like to add: It is better to make sure that main (high yield) concepts are really stuck in your brain, well memorized than to get yourself lost in every single detail. TRUST ME ON THIS!!! It is better to go to UW 2 times even when you didn’t take a look at EVERYTHING, than just 1 round but not remembering most of it.


4) Offline UW is very very useful. I made notes with charts from it (i study better my own handwriting than just not-personalized charts but that is just me), and in the end, it was those notes that I was looking. It is very useful to have your own charts/protocols handy, for the week before the exam, to check on that.

5) Sketchy. Sketchy is life. Sketchy is love. I studied sketchy micro and pharm for step 1 and I still remembered things from it for step 2. Like adverse effects from drugs, or high-yield clinical facts from micro.

6) Were there a lot of questions that you had no idea about? sure. But just a few!!! many of them I wasn’t sure and I was doubting between 2 answers, but I trusted my guts. Again, this exam is doable.

7) How many simulated tests did I do? NONE. So do not follow me on this, and don’t ask me how predictable these exams are cause I didn’t do a single one YET I PASSED. This means it’s doable, better do it if you can, but don’t go crazy if you don’t. If it’s too late already and you don’t have time to do them, sleeping the night before is way more important.


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December 24, 2017
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