Pamela Contreras Chavez USMLE Step 3 Experience



Hello everybody. Just wanted to share my experience…I passed step3. My advice I believe is just doing uworld questions and trying to review them with your mtb3 book, i found this book really helpful but was unable to finish it ..I was in the middle of crazy paperwork in order to start working in the US, struggling with work visa and accommodations..also dealing with medical state license issues, got depressed , so i basically took this exam in the middle of all this..for day 1 i remember i got many many step1 style questions and for those who got good scores i am pretty sure you will be able to respond..the time is reaallly challenging and you have to practice that day by day. mechanisms of antibiotics and hormones , receptors. I did get biostats as well I just did uworld like 75%. and then I was done, i didnt have more time to do more. I just wanted to pass this exam.

Day 2: more straightforward questions, ccs cases I really really recommend studiyng those 3 5 days max before exam,because there is every single step that you have to do I studied 45 cases 2 days before exam.

My resources were : uworld + mtb3 would encourage for those who are aiming 230s 240s to read all of it.

I am crazy with residency now but if you guys any further questions just pm. I will prob respond you not inmediately but will try to!

At the end, the best feeling is that you are finally done with these really demanding tests. Hugs to everybody! oh by the way i didn’t take any assessments. hehe

October 13, 2019
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