Old Graduate Mom Scored 252

I am finally in the position to write about my experience and feeling so happy that can write as an old graduate and a mom. 
In short:

1. Study materials:

– HY gross anatomy
– HY neuroanatomy
– BRS behavioral + Kaplan lectures
– Kaplan biochemistry + Kaplan lectures
– BRS physiology + Kaplan lectures
– Goljan RR 3rd ed + Goljan audio
– Embryology – only FA
– Pharmacology – FA plus Kaplan lectures
– Microbiology – CMMRS
– Immunology – Levinson

Actually, I was following the Taus method and I think it’s great.

2. Tests:

UW cumulative 78% first pass
NBME 15- 254 , 1.5 month before the exam
NBME 13- 254 , 1 week before
I think that my scores didn’t improve because I had a minor medical procedure and also came to the USA two weeks before the exam, and had to take care of my child, so didn’t have enough time for studying at the end.
The most important thing for me is starting doing questions as soon as possible. I was doing UW 2007 offline mode, subject wise and Kaplan 2010, random, just to revise. I was doing questions almost every evening, one block at least.

3. Exam

Pathology, pathology, pathology! But a lot of neurology slides, a lot of behavioral and microbiology too. Almost everything except for embryology. I wish I could have known that at the beginning 
My advice, regarding the day of the exam is- first go through all the questions, and then return to questions that you don’t know and don’t understand. Don’t wast your time thinking about some equations, statistical problems etc. Time flies on the exam. Mark only what you really don’t know.

And good luck to you all!

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December 26, 2017
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