Nico Ortiz Flores USMLE step 3 Experience



Here’s my short experience for a pretty average 224: I’m a PGY2 with limited study time, did only UW 2.5 months like one hour a day or so, did one round with barely taking notes, repeated my mistakes x1. Did all the text CCS cases x2 and half of the interactive cases before the test. UWSA 1 said I’d score 210 haha, it’s true what they say about it undershooting the real score. Didn’t take UWSA 2.
If I’d change anything of my prep would be to review more step 1 pharm, got tons of really basic pharm questions that I forgot because I’m in pediatrics. If you’re already in residency, the CCS cases are very straightforward and you’d just need to know the software. If you’re not in residency, I advice to do them all at least once. Bottom line, UW all the way. The end!

October 13, 2019
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