NEPALI ImG – USMLE Step 3 Experience

Hi, passed step 3 with 236. Not a very high score but it may help someone confused in the beginning of prep as I was.
Uwsa 1:228
Uwsa 2:234
Fred: 75 %

On and off for 2 months dedicated for the one month.
Did uworld once and repeated about 25 % again.
Uw biostat subject review once
Quickly glanced through ck notes.
Archer videos once
Uw ccs practice cases: did half
Uw css interactive cases: twice

Things I felt I should have done after exam:
*Studied first aid step 1: got a lot of questions from step 1 in day 1 and got many wrong.
*Do all practice cases from Uw in details: I was missing orders here and there due to less practice.
*studied things from ck in little detail.
*spaced out the gap between day 1 and day 2 little more.
*Taken exam soon after ck.

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October 13, 2019
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