Muse Abbas – USMLE Step 2CS Experience



Hello everyone ,
I passed CS and wanted to share my experience to help others overcome the anxiety which starts from the moment you leave the exam center till ecfmg email ?

Study material and time – 1.5-2 months ; First Aid ( also read sherazi notes but found FA to be more detailed , mini cases and cases in FA cover most of the information).

I wanted to let you know what mistakes (in my opinion) I made and still passed
1. During the first encounter I was really nervous and was jumping from one topic to another without appropriate transition, I made the SP repeat what happened to her for 2 times and wasn’t really satisfied with my empathy and counseling
2. Some patients listed several medications they were taking but I couldn’t memorize them all and wasn’t able to write it down in Patient Note
3. I believe 1st diagnosis in one case was completely wrong and I also left one diagnosis without support in another PN
4. Couldn’t understand the occupation in 2 encounters so I skipped that in PN
5. Forgot to ask several important questions which may have led to correct diff. diagnosis
6. Missed 3-4 physical exams , which were really important to support my diagnosis.
7. Forgot to put vital signs in PN in half of the cases
8. Missed Fx during history taking in 2-3 cases
9. Didn’t do heart/lung exam in all patients because of time constraint (unless it was truly necessary)
10. Had 2-3 situations where patients asked me to repeat the question
11. After I had completed exam with one pt , I remembered that I missed diagnostic physical exam so I asked her to lay down again.
12. I was wearing gloves during all physical examinations (forgot to take it off and gave a handshake with gloves on in one encounter)
13. made grammar mistakes in Patient note – in 2-3 cases.
I put 3 diagnosis in most cases but I wasn’t sure if I supported them well. Overall , I thought I failed the exam – specifically ICE part.

I always knocked before entering, introduced myself , showed care and concern , listened attentively and sometimes asked permission to take notes, summarized significant information, asked if I missed anything and if they had questions for me, counseled them.
Hope this helps !
Good luck to you all

October 12, 2019
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