Mu Al Baghdadi – 257 USMLE Step2CK experience

CK experience : ( updated)
Ck result: 257
Prep time 10 months 8h/d
Last month prep 15h/d

Free usmle q 84% – 30 days
Nbme 6 217 -25 days
Nbme 7 218 -20 days
UWSA1 253 -15 days
UWSA2 243 -7 days

Uworld 1st pass 63% random timed
Redo the wrong + flaged qs system by system
Uworld 2nd pass 84% random timed
UW biostat x 2 times
Onlinemeded x2 times
DIT + step up to ck x2 times

Step one : 249


I did 6, 5, 4th days before the exam 6, 8 , 10 uw blocks per day respectively, so that I built my stamina
i stopped studying afternoon a day before the exam, i slept well. Calm myself down. During the exam day i was very focused, tried not to think a lot. Managed my breaks and time wisely. All that help me got the higher score than predicted
Good luck for all

October 11, 2019
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