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CK 256 Experience

CK 256 Experience

USMLE Step 2 CK - 256

USMLE Step 2 CK – 256


Alhamdulellah I got my step 2 CK score today it is 256

I posted my score here to motivate all my friends in this amazing group

Also for low step 1 scorer and old graduates because I have low step one score only 213 and I am old graduate 2004 and full duty PICU specialist 48 hours per week.

Summary for my journey:

I got my step 1 score on late December ,I was very depressed and I was about to cancel my USMLE , I received good support from my friends and decided to continue .

Duration :from March to August 31

Average hours/day : 0-10 h/day

Sources: MTB 2 for IM and emergency and 3 for the rest

I used kaplan notes for difficult subjects

Flash cards of Dr Conrad Fischer

UWORLD 2013 offline subject wise (I don’t recommend offline ,better start online because there is big difference )

Last 2 months : UWORLD online and Mastery Series offline


One week before exam: NBME 6 : 240 … NBME 4 : 252 … NBME 7: 233

3 days before exam: UWSA : 252

Real exam :256 alhamdullelah

I am sorry if I coulnt reply frequently because my CS in 2 weeks


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December 24, 2017
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