Midia Shuman – USMLE Step 3 Experience



Step 3 score – 239
Exam date – 15,26 June
Preparation time -2 months general, one dedicated,other during observership,on and off.
Resources -uworld step 3(roughly 1,5 times , one time random mode, then did my mistakes and marked questions. Last week before day 1 reviewed flashcards. Also did Biostat review qbank(found it useless).
Uworld CCS – Interactive cases 2 times , practice -1,5.
100 CCS cases – did 50, 2 days before exam,found it really helpful.
FA for step 1 -read micro and pharma section, was helpful for day 1.
UWSA 1 (2 weeks before) -222, UWSA -222(2 days before exam).
Main points
1. My ck was fresh , so if you done with ck, don’t delay, prepare for exam,as alternative you can revise ck tables,I didn’t do that.
2. Fa for step 1 is important , a lot of pharma questions on day 1.
3. Plenty of biostat on day 1, you need to get used to solve simple calculations questions,you don’t wanna waste your time on these questions.
4.I recommend 100 cases, first it gives you feedback, secondly it trains you to get used to the software, I did it 2 days before day 2,so it made me more confident on exam day.
5.Exam is really tough, day one scared hell of me,questions were very vague,I felt that nothing was from uworld ,but score proves the opposite. My advise is : no matter how terribly you feel just stay calm, solve question, using test taking techniques and move on. Day 2 was good , ccs was straightforward, cases ended earlier.
Good luck ! Ask me if you have any questions.

October 13, 2019
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