Maa’eda Asif – USMLE Step 3 Experience



Passed step 3.

I usually don’t post here much. But felt obliged to give back to this group. I totally understand the knowledge / test taking skills part of exam ( everyone focuses on that ) but what I really want to focus on is emotional part of exam , especially for my female colleagues out there. I took exam when I was 35weeks preg, have 1 15month old boy , all house chores responsibility. It’s not a rant , just telling for giving a background perspective. I wasn’t ready at all before exam. Felt most underprepared. Had 1.5 year gap between CK and step 3. Despite of everything I did go and sat in exam cuz my gut feeling said it’s going to be okay and all cared was passing exam. My biggest support and cheerleader was my husband , without his help I wouldn’t have taken exam as I was unsure till last day.
So please don’t feel discouraged, everyone has their own path. Do the best you can , but circumstances are never going to be perfect. Just make best use of time you have. Believe in yourself.

I didn’t do anything extra as far as resources are concerned. I just sticked with only UWORLD for Questions and CCS too. I still had 300 questions left in Qbank.
Just browsed quickly through FA pharm , biostats and micro classification.

Score -212
UWSA1- 10 days before exam 201
UWSA 2- 4 days before exam 227

Had 6 days between day 1 and 2 , only did UW CCS in that time.

Any questions, please post here so everyone could benefit.

October 13, 2019
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