Luis Enrique USMLE Step 3 Experience


Hello everyone! I passed my Step 3 back in Sept and would like to share my experience since I’ve been seeing a lot of those “should I postpone my test” posts lately.

I’m a Mexican IMG, YOG 2015, average student, 239/246/1st attempt. Scored 219 on my Step 3. Disclaimer, this is not a “blue print / roadmap to ace the test” post, this is a YOU CAN PASS IT type of post.

I studied for 2 1/2 month, but was consistent for about a month and a half. Studied about 2-3 blocks per day, scores were average or slightly above average. I did UW Step 3 only once, 65% overall; I did use the Biostats review. UWSA1 205, UWSA2 2015. AND THAT WAS IT FOR DAY 1. Didn’t review CK notes or charts, did not read MTB3, FA or any book. UWorld was my only source.

For Day 2 I used CCScases .com and studied for 1 week only, which is what I had between Day 1 and Day 2. I did 85 of the 100 cases available. I used it mainly because it has a grading system, and UW CCS does not, I didn’t have the time to write down what I’ve ordered and what I had not. And THAT WAS IT. No Crush CSS, no UW for CSS. Nothing else.

What I’m saying is, give yourself a chance. You already passed Step 1 and Step 2. You know this. You’ve been here before. As soon as you seat down in front of the monitor, you’ll be in the zone. As you can see, my CCS performance wasn’t stellar, that’s why it didn’t pump my score up, but I studied for a week, and I didn’t need a super high score either. I just wanted to pass.

I’ve had 3 interviews so far, and PDs are so happy when you let them know you already passed Step 3 ’cause you are a sure bet now. They don’t have to worry about you not passing before PGY-2 and having to give you time to study and all of that.

So, that is that. Hope I didn’t bore you guys up.


October 13, 2019
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