Kristena M. Youssef – USMLE Step 2CS Experience


I received my result today . finally I passed cs exam , this is my 2nd attempt .
1st attemp was last year , I passed with high performance in ICE & CIS and failed in SEP

Iam writting today for people having the same problem.
here is my own experience gained by hard learning
1- if you are not sure 100% that you speak good english don’t take a risk of exam before assesment
simply you can speak with people on the street if they understand you easly then you can go

2_ every non native english speaker have problems in certian vowels so you have to know your own problem and work hard on it
for example most of arabic speaker like me struggle in pronouncing of “P” and masteken it with “B” , honestly it took 3 months for me to train my brain to pronounce it correctly

3- if patient ask you to repeat yourself , you don’t have to panic as from my experience Many people have problem in SEP and the patients didn’t ask them to repeate ,on other side the patient ask me to repeate in 1st and 2nd time and I pass in second time with good performance
4- actually Iam still thinking that the SEP assesment little bit unfair but Iam biased
so many time people speak good english and didn’t pass
so please If you worried about this point don’t practice with people speak your native languege and when ever you practice ask the person you practice with to correct you whenever you say something wrong

5 – “closure ” is a main key to asses our English performance because we say many phrases in closure so if you have a language problem try to remove anything not important in closure and say in short sentences
and rephrase the hard word

6- the golden role for people with language problem and it work good for me” speak slowly and loudly ” during exam

at the end I can say failure CS is bad and depressive experience but it’s not the end of the world , if you work hard you will got it

remember failure learn us to be humbled
good night guys
good luck everyone

October 12, 2019
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