Kiara Kay – USMLE Step 2 CK – 269 Experience

Kiara Kay (India) - USMLE Step 2 CK 269

Kiara Kay (India) – USMLE Step 2 CK 269


My STEP 2 ck experience:

Hi guys!

I finished my exam 3months ago and scored 269.

I got busy, so sharing my experience now. I really thank all group members for their help. I owe this group a lot as it not only helped me to study but also to stay in high spirits in that stressful time.

Regarding preparation, I believe time it takes to prepare varies for everyone and so do the material to be studied . The only way to know you are ready is self assessments and try doing them online. In my opinion taking step 1 before step 2 really helps.

Study material used:

Skimmed through kaplan all sub, Mtb2 med and mtb 3 for other subjects+ UW 70 % in 2 months. Took 2 months break for CS which I don’t recommend as your tempo breaks and you start forgetting things(try doing in continuity). You can skip kaplan medicine specially if you have done step 1.

Then spent 5 more months in total after CS:

Stage 1: completing leftover UW and revising part UW that I did before as most of it was evaporated + CMS(clinical mastery series), taking one form each day and discussing the confusing ques for 2 hrs daily with 2 of my friends.

8 weeks out:

NBME 4:265

NBME 7: 244

Stage 2: I worked on my weak topics as suggested by UW, NBME’s. Revised Gyn, Surgery vignettes (Kaplan) as they were weak. I wanted to revise only incorrect ones from UW but charts and tables kinda made me look through most of it(around 70 pc).

4 weeks out:UWSA:265

Stage 3: I couldn’t find a date in my nearest test center, so I had to book a date 4 weeks away. I revised CMS with a friend, covered ethics questions from conrad book + biostat UW ques bank. Psych notes by Khaled(from uptodate)…/Psychiatry+notes+%28UW++UTD%29.r… are really useful and probably only reliable source I found for ck psych. Did UW charts/tables and misc stuff pain mx, hospital mx etc from materials in files section in last days

3 days out:

FRED: 93 %

Use UW as pure learning tool and not for self assessment. UW concepts are imp. Also, do go through the concepts that they are asking in CM series and NBME’s. Say they are asking one ques, look that up and similar topics you can think about , frame similar ques for yourself. They don’t repeat ques, none I could find exactly repeated. But you get to know their pattern. Use CM series as a subject outline for you. Those concepts are super important. Whatever you feel is not well covered in our usual sources, look up online for more info.

The real exam is gonna be full of alien questions and others too simple or repetitive that you suspect yourself of missing out something. Make sure that you don’t waste time on those and keep moving despite of the fact your mind will force you to spend more time. I believe their marking to be probably more liberal than NBME as the exam looks tougher but you end up scoring about same. It’s all about staying confident during exam despite of the weird ques and time management. Simulation is really important specially if it is the first exam that you are taking, building that 9 hour sitting endurance, distributing breaks as per your convenience. Use NBME’s to simulate, try copying the environment e.g. doing in a library, a place different from your study room. Any questions are welcome. Will be glad if I can be of help to anyone. Good luck guys 🙂

PS: List copied from forum – imp step 1 topics for CK (fa step 1)

Behavioral science 50-63 73-86

AD, AR diseases & Genetic $ 87-91 110-114

Vitamin def. & excess 92-96 115-119

Metabolic disease 106,107,111 126,130,134

Glycogen storage diseases 113-114 136-137

G+ve & G-ve Bacteria 129,136 152,159

Rickettsial diseases 144 167

Mycology 146 169

HIV associated disease 169 192

Microbiology by system ( nice pics) 170-178 193-201

Igs & Immune response 203 226

Important immunology topics 209-217 232-240

Important oncology stuff 232-236 255-259

Drug toxicity and side effects 252-255 275-278

Oncology drugs 403-407 426-430

Nerves of upper & lower limps 411-416 434-439

Lab values in bone disease 421 444

MSK ( derma and rhuema pics ) 424-438 447-461

Neurology vasc. Sup. & strokes 458-463 481-486

Spinal cord lesions 467-470 490-492

Visual field defects 481 504

Neurocutaneous & CNS tumors 487-489 510-512

Epilepsy drugs 492 515

psychiatry ( all of it ) 500-520 523-543


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December 14, 2017
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