Kel Ly – USMLE Step 2CS Experience


Step 2 CS: Passed first attempt

My fellow IMGs, please take step 2 CS seriously. I passed only by the grace of the good Lord and mercy.

Mistakes I made: listened to the lies of people who said, I just booked the exam and did it the next day.

I did not review all of first aid

I only studied for 4 days

I listened to people tell me, you got this! You were a PA, you can do this!

You are too smart to fail.

After I finished the exam, I felt confident that I had passed though I wished I had taken more time. The more I analyzed my work and notes, fear gripped me and I was worried that I may have failed. I have never cried and begged Yeshua for mercy like I have for this past 6 long long weeks. I was depressed, I lost weight, I could not face my family. God is good and I do not deserve to pass but only by his grace and mercy. Please, please do not repeat my mistake. It is nice to get your scores in time but you also want them to be passing scores. They are better off being late and passing than early and failing.

The IMG journey is hard and long. Please do not give each other poor advice. Plan to succeed.

October 12, 2019
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