Kateryna Branish USMLE Step 2 CS Experience


Got my results this week and passed!
This group was very helpful to me,so now my turn to pay back;)

Test center LA,June 22
1.Good location!
All what your hear about unfriendly location,its not true!!! The proctors and stuff are very friendly and polite,not all SP’s are nice,but do they have to?!
Few of them didn’t smile back to me at all ,I was the only one IMG that day and I speak with an accent ,I am messed up at least 3 cases,but I passed!
So my suggestion..no matter what is going on, be friendly and smile,but don’t expect from the SP’s the same attitude. If you see unfriendly or even rude SP who is not smiling,it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you,the opposite is true too!Just do your job,don’t get distracted by this
During your prep present the case with your partner always with the timer for 12-13 minutes max. Get use to this time,this is your guarantee that 15 min. exam time will be more than enough for you. The same with notes,you have to be able to finish them for 8 min. max,then you’ll be fine on the exam.
Record your case presentation on the phone ,than watch the video and you’ll be surprised,how many mistakes you see,purposeless move you do and what face expression you have.
Anything else you wanna ask,feel free..

October 12, 2019
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