Jorge Mosquera – Passed – Philadelphia – Honest experience



Passed – Philadelphia – Honest experience.
I changed my plan 3 times:
1.- I took step1 01/2018 so the plan was take step 2cs first on May/2018 then step 2 CK Aug/2018 . I took a course in NYCSPREP April/2018 (it is not a serious place to go false reassurance, the only and best good thing was the other doctors there, one of them who failed the test told me you are no ready go for step 2 CK first). Many people and the instructor gave false reassurance, honestly I was in really bad shape, 15-20 words per minute, not enough english so I put off the test. FIRST PUT OFF. Let’s be honest you can‘t take the test just with hope be honest with yourself, the false reassurance is a really bad advice even if it is unintentional, the typing and the english don’t improve in 1 month. I knew that the application was over for me.
2.- I took step 2 CK Aug/2018, afterwards I practiced, practiced, practiced. Typing was much better, listening and speaking in the same track, but I did not have and study partner. The new test day was in December, I had a couple study partners for short period of time but not consistent for different reasons. December, I found a real study partner hardworking, outstanding, clever, and honest. We practiced a lot, a learned the patient note, physical, interview, etc. But I was not ready, the honest advice was continue practice, the next match was the goal. My partner took the test and of course he passed, because he is brilliant and you know God is with people who help other people. SECOND PUT OFF.
3.- January. Without study partner again but more confident, practiced for my own, typing, First aid (x2 so far), AMBOSS (typing). February, I found the second study partner, God again put in my path another such a great guy, we practiced 7/24, I improve my notes a lot with the Kaplan book. Feeling more confident, the new date was 03/19. My friend who passed with high performance came and practiced with me and I was much better, feeling ready and I did not have option to put off.
I went to Philadelphia, I can tell you it is a standardized exam. Just be aware that there will be people at 200 km/h and you will be at 50 km/h but at the end of the day it is a marathon, just you do your thing.
I was terrified for 1 month but I passed. But how you see it was not easy, it was not the typical 1 month experience. I believe that if you work hard you can do whatever you want, and God never leaves me alone, I came to this country with a dream, I could not speak english but I have studied every day, my steps are above 240 and I passed step 2 cs finally my dream comes true, my father is the happiest person of the world and he will be happy for ever ever. Brian Eggot Bustos Hassan Taha I can’t be more thankful to you my friends, you really have a God in your heart, you guys will match wherever you want because people will see in your eyes a real doctors because that’s what being a doctor is help people.
Never never never give up, the ways of God are difficult but they will always take you to your destination.
Bueno y para mis hermanos que hablan el mejor idioma del mundo, nunca se sientan solos, nunca se sientan derrotados, derrotados solo estan los que dejan de pelear, lucha por lo que quieres, lo vas a lograr todos lo logran. Si yo lo hice tu lo vas a hacer mejor.
bonus Kaplan book

October 12, 2019
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