Jackie Wilson – USMLE Step 3 Experience




Just passed step 3 with a 254.
Study time 3 mo before residency
Used uworld for McQ x2, plus incorrects an additional time
Did uworld ccs cases x 3
Read crush CSS x2
Did the primum cases for ccs x1
Read Kaplan step 3 books
Read Kaplan step 2 IM
Read MTb for everything but IM
Did uworld step 1 and 2 biostats questions
Read fa biostats
Did the archer intro lecture series for ccs
Reviewed uworld step 3 and 2 charts

Exam experience:
First day the questions were fair I felt but I made a lot of stupid mistakes that haunted me for a few days
The questions weren’t too long on my exam and were mostly uworld concepts
Biostats was ok, the drug ads and abstracts in every block made time management hard the first day. Finished each block with like 1 min left if that

Then I had 8 days in between
I read crush twice and did uworld ccs twice
Made a template so I wouldn’t forget key things
Reviewed step 3 charts
(I felt this was too much time, and I wanted to get the test over with by day 4 and it was hard to keep studying so if I were to do it again I’d have a shorter gap between test days)

Day 2 the questions were super easy , was finishing blocks with 10-15 mins to spare
Mostly uworld topics
The ccs- most of the cases are covered by uworld and most of the remaining covered by crush, the rest… (1-2) both sources give you a good foundation to manage them
The ccs I messed up a lot with sequencing and messed up 2 cases completely I felt and missed little things here and there for every case but still did well on that part

After the first day I seriously thought I failed and was considering not going in for day 2. So no matter how bad you feel just keep going on.
Hope this helps!

October 14, 2019
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