HARI DAS – USMLE Step 3 Experience


As a person who failed step 3 (194), and then passed step 3 (210), those people like myself , who has some gap Between Step 2ck and step 3 — for day 1 , FIP, to improve your score , Do step 2 ck ubworld Q bank .. no need to go back to step 1 or read first aid etc ,it wont help. You just need clinically relevent basic science example – in pulmonary, differentiating various restrictive and obstructive diseases based on DLCO levels,Pco2, 02 levels…. it is basic science but Pulmonologist do use it to diagnose … step 2 ck Q bank covers most of the topics… if you have limited time, do CK q bank on your weak subject scores based on assessment. This also helped me doing questions faster as i had a mastery on really time sucking questions.I found that was the only way to improve score aside from MTB and STEP 3 Q BANK OFCOUSE. you will still get some questions that are hard but at atleast you will recognize their difficulties and could decide if it was worth spending time. Like it or not, FIP favors those who just took step 2ck…

October 13, 2019
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