Haidy Mostafa Abdellah – USMLE Step 2CS Experience


Finally I got my ECFMG certificate and I am so happy .
It is the first time for me to post exam experience.
I did my CS exam at Houston 22 May and passed with high performance.
I posted my experience because I suffered a lot preparing for this exam and I hope others do not face the same.
I travelled to USA to have some rotation and to clear CS exam .
I travelled without having any idea about the exam and it was a mistake
At least try to do first-aid with Skype partner.
I faced a problem with English I have difficulty building good English sentence and I usually speak my native language so fast so when I speak English I speak fast as well and It used to be difficult to understood.
A lot of Arabic speakers fail CS exam just for this problem. We are not native American speakers so we have accent .so we need to speak as slaw as possible. I delayed my exam until I took some rotations and noticed some improvement.
My second problem was I have no typing skills .
I started with typing speed 15 WPM. I tried to build typing skills and entered exam with typing speed 30 WPM. practice typing.com is good for that.
It is so important to have good typing speed you will find a lot a lot to type at Every case .
Third problem I have some sort of exam phobia due to a repeated problem happened to me at my med school so I canceled my exam just one day before my previous date at April .I think propranolol is very good for dealing with performance anxiety.
Studying common differential diagnosis is very important.The more focused you are the better you will be .Try to put an approach for every system and for difficult cases.
If you will take your exam at Houston try to be there in my opinion at least 20-30 days before exam . When you are there you will find out how people prepare and what is the common sources for preparation. first aid is not enough and exam cases more advanced than this level .
Do not underestimate CS.
I believe that average time needed for preparing 2 month if you have good baseline skills .But If you need to build new skills -language or typing – you may need more time.
Everyone has unique experience just figure out your own problems and try to solve it before going to exam .It sould be one trial so try hard to figure out your own problems and deal with it.
All the best for everyone ?

October 12, 2019
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