Gina Aln – 264 – USMLE Step 2 CK Experience

USMLE Step 2CK 264


Step 2 Ck experience

Graduation year: 2009

Exam score: 264

NBME 7: 246 (6 weeks before the exam) (very similar to the exam questions)

NBME6:  260(10 days before the exam)

NBME4:252 (6 days before the exam)

UWSA: 265 (2 weeks before the exam)

Study period: 4 months, the last two months was very dedicated

Study material: UW, MTB2, MTB3, Kaplan Q bank, CMS

USMLE step1: exam was taken 3 months before my preparation for step 2

Step2 CS: took it two weeks before starting CK preparation.

I followed Khalid Abd -EIMksod experience, which was VERY helpful for me and I highly recommend reviewing his experience very well and Following every single word. Thank you Khalid!         

In the first month I started with MTB2, MTB3 did first read then went right away to Kaplan Q bank. When I was reading the book, I felt that I know most of the material from my step 1 preparation.

I was half way through Kaplan Q bank then I started doing UW three months before the exam. I highly recommend starting UW early and doing it very slowly and just ONCE (I finished UW one day before the exam). My point of doing it once is that you train your mind to keep guessing  the right answer and not just memorizing the material . UW is the Main source of study. I was spending the whole day reviewing and learning the block and the concepts in it. Taking notes was very helpful too although it’s very time consuming

MTB was just a book to start with.  Up To Date is helpful too for controversial subjects. Clinical Mastery series was a great resource to find your weaknesses. Work on your weaknesses! Don’t ignore them! They will show up in the exam for sure.

I didn’t read Kaplan books except some chapters from the Surgery book. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to read it. If you find yourself really weak in some subject’s maybe it’s a good idea to read it deeply in there.

Exam night:

I ended up sleeping only for 3 hours, I was very nervous. I was not sure whether to go to the exam or postpone it because of the sleepless night, but I chose to go anyway. It turns out that it doesn’t hugely impact the performance. Don’t excessively worry about that

Exam day

First two blocks went really well, well means I was able to finish in time

After the third block I felt that I am slowing down in my mental processing.

Questions are not too long and not short either. You need to pick the best answer and press next without thinking twice about what you picked. Try to train your brain on doing that when you do UW.

After I went out of prometric test center, I felt that I ve screwed it up and did really bad and I would barely able to pass.

Final thoughts:

Do your best, Study consistently, and don’t wait for too long to take the exam!

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December 15, 2017
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