Gelareh Hed USMLE Step 2 CS Experience – RECENTLY released !


CS passed , First time in Philly on feb 22nd.
preparation time : 5 weeks. Only had one study partner. no online study partner.
I read Sheerazi notes quickly and stuck to first aid.
these 2 months were killing me as everyday I was remembering a new mistake.
I went to philly 2 days before my exam , stayed in sheraton hotel which is only 3-4 minutes far from exam place. didn’t see any other immigrant. On exam day I am pretty sure I was the only immigrant. rest of them were US students. Which is stressful because they are super confident. I can say that is the only reason philly might look scarier than other places.
my Mistakes:
1. I ran out of time in 2 cases right after I finished my physical examination , and couldn’t do the closure , they were my 2nd and 3 rd cases which literally destroyed me till the lunch time.
2. I forgot to consult on smoking cessation for one of the cases.
3. I forgot to do one of the very important physical examinations in one of the cases.
4. I forgot to ask about OB/GYN history in one of my cases.
5. I am 100% sure in one of my cases only my first diagnosis was right.

what I did:
1.introduced myself in all cases.
2.asked if they feel comfortable
3. used gloves for all the cases.
4.smiled, tried to be empathetic as much as possible.
5.asked permission for every examination.
6. before asking about social history I mentioned that everything is in complete confidence.
7.asked permission to take notes during the history taking.
8.the best way to not to forget consultation is if you see your patient is smoker , alcohol drinker , or does not have safe sexual intercourse .consult them right after. don’t wait till the end in closure part.
9. asked if there is anything else they want to add.( super helpful because sometimes they will give a hint which helps a lot for diagnosis)
10. thanked them for being patient and shook hands when entered the room and before leaving the room( on cases that I didn’t ran out of time)
11.didn’t repeat painful examinations. or didn’t examine the painful organ at all.
12. for all my notes I started writing with DDX then work up then HPI and P/E. I wrote 3 DDX for only 4 or 5 of the cases ( don’t remember exactly) and for the rest 2 differentials.

-time flies. no matter How much you practice , the 15 minutes in exam seems like 5 minutes. so keep tracking the time .and don’t expect to do all the examinations, only examine the organ that patient is complaining. it is the main reason I ran out of time in 2 cases. because I wanted to be as complete as possible.
-be super friendly
-try not to panic , (easier said than done) they are all very friendly and know how stressed you are. they are not there to hurt you or tease you.
-Don’t listen to rumors about philly. but If you want to go somewhere to practice with more live partners and see more immigrants then Houston is a better option.
-and in the end. stay one more day after your exam. you don’t wanna leave philly without visiting the art museum , Magic garden , and liberty bell and of coarse without eating famous Philly cheese steak sandwich,lol

wish you all best of luck.

October 12, 2019
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