Gargi Bhattacharya – USMLE Step 3 Experience


Heartfelt thanks and shoutout to my friends and co-applicants Aloe Allizwell and Olu Ogun, for being by my side on the Step 3 journey, constantly helping and teaching and advising and encouraging. You may be strangers to me, but I will always consider you my friends and maybe someday I will meet you. Here’s to more kind-hearted people like the two of you!

Edit: A bit about my Step 3 prep. I cannot claim credit for any special preparation. It was barebones. Uworld, UWorld and UWorld. Did first round subjectwise, untimed tutored mode. Made note-charts. Each chart was titled by the Test number. Had the question numbers beneath that, with salient points learned in each question next to it. First round was about 50 tests, so 50 note charts. Looked at these charts so very often. Second round was random timed, but could not finish whole UWorld on this round. So, mainly relied on note-charts.

CCS was a major scare for me. I had two charts that I had printed out giving mnemonics to follow. Will upload them here. Watched about 9 hours of the first Archer video. Then bought subscription. Would do one case, get very poor feedback, read through it, do it one or two more times till feedback score crossed 75%. Also rapidly read through Crush CCS cases. Last I came to UWorld CCS, they all began to look familiar by that time.

There is one thing I would like to add. I had read FA Step 1 in *devilish* details in my Step 1 days. Annotated the damn thing so much that the pages of the book probably have more handwritten notes on the margins than printed words. It was a painstaking task, but I read to such excruciating depths, that even to this day, my Step 1 knowledge is by far the best among all my steps. This got me in trouble during CK, I knew way too much Step 1 matter and way too little CK matter, so there was a significant imbalance. But it really helped me in Step 3. I kept reading in the forum that you need to study pharma and micro from Step 1, but honestly, that never bothered me because to this day, I know it almost stone cold, and only took me a couple of hours one afternoon for a rapid read. Step 3 day 1 questions were painfully vague, and all I know is, I was constantly referring to my Step 1 knowledge. I couldn’t tell you which areas specifically, though. My day 1 seemed either referring to biostats or to my memories of FA step 1.

October 13, 2019
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