Gabriel Danduch’s USMLE Step 2CS Experience


CS passed. Los Angeles.
I read a lot of experiences before my exam and were really useful for me, so I want to share my experience.
preparation time: 3 months. I had to work hard to improve my English proficiency.
I read: FA.
The most important thing for me: skype SP and live SP.

My mistakes in the exam:
1. I ran out of time in 1 when I was doing my closure.
2. I forgot counseling in 2 cases.
3. I couldn’t understand the occupation in 2 cases.
4. I had problems to understand one of the patients because she was talking very fast.
5. I didn’t do MMSE in neuro case.
6. A lot of other small mistakes.

What I think I did well:
1.introduced myself in all cases.
2.asked if they feel comfortable
3. used sanitizer for all the cases.
4.smiled, tried to be empathetic as much as possible.
5.asked permission for every examination (focus PE).
6. before asking about social history I mentioned that everything is in complete confidence.
7.asked permission to take notes during the history taking.
8. asked if there is anything else they want to add.
The time flies. Don’t think about the previous patient. Stay focus on what you are doing.
9. Try to sleep well the previous night, I couldn’t.
10. Hard work never fails.

October 12, 2019
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