Fatima Zahra – USMLE Step 2CS Experience


Passed Alhamdulillah. Can not believe. The most forgiving exam ??.
My experience
Practiced FA cases 2 times. And sherazi notes.
1 -What I would like to suggest practice is the key. try to find good study partners. I practiced with 2 study partners and both of them passed too.
2- practice patient notes typing from the day you start preparation. I could not do that and at the end I really had hard time with pt notes.
So work on that from the beginning.
3_ make sure what you speak is clear and loud but be polite at the same time so that they can understand you.
4_ be empethetic as much as you can, never interrupt the sp when he is telling you something bcz that’s considered really bad
5_ don’t rush while doing examination , tell sp while performing examination about every step you are going to do.
6_ for examination I followed geeky medics. Awesome videos
7_ IMG friendly center is a myth. Before my exam people told me I shouldn’t have booked my exam in Chicago bcz people have been failing there but that’s not true. All sps were very nice , polite and cooperative.
8- my experience might be different from others bcz of some personal reasons I could only dedicate 2 weeks to preparation, as I was running short of time so I attended nycs preparation course and that really helped me in building up my confidence and typing note. No advertisement here. This is what it is.
9__ I suggest 1 month dedicated is more than enough to pass this exam.
10- while typing pt notes try to use abbreviations otherwise you won’t be able to finish the note in time
All the best

October 12, 2019
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