Faseeh Shahab USMLE Step 3 Experience




I did CK in May,17. Started studying for step 3 from July. Only did online UW. First time uw was 56/57%.
UWSA in last week of August was 191. I scheduled for early September but then had to delay for 3 weeks due to hurricane in Houston. I could hardly study for 2 weeks after that due to conferences.
Exam experience was good. I took short break after every block. (I did same in 1 and CK). about 50 questions from biostats including drug ads.
I did CCS from UW online and also crush CCS. Order ivf, oxygen, ecg in emergency cases before examination. Everything is stat in exam. Cases are similar to UW and diagnosis is generally easy but don’t commit before ordering investigations for ruling out differentials. All my 20 min cases finished at 12 min including 2 min screen, similarly 10min cases finished around 7-8min. I saved about 1hr 40 min I ccs cases including breaks.
Final score : 220

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October 13, 2019
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