Fabrício Webber – USMLE Step 2CK Experience – 251

Just got my Step 2 CK score and I know we all obsess about correlations and so on, so I will quickly summarize my scores and resources:
UWSA1: 253 (1 month before
UWSA2: 267 (one day before)
Free 120: 90%
Real deal: 251

Used OnlineMedEd, really great videos. The most important aspect of these videos is the approach these videos give to you. I didn’t used psych videos as I didn’t want to spend more time on it and it reflected on my score report.

UpToDate: Awesome resource and I recommend everyone to use it, every time I missed a question, I opened UpToDate and read all the subject and tried to see how I missed, not the exact point per se, but where my reasoning went wrong, takes time but it pays off.

Step Up To Medicine: Used it a little bit, but really didn’t like. Information is too summarized, misses lots of things, I wouldn’t recommend it if I had to prepare again.

Kaplan Lecture Notes 2018: Used mostly for Ob/Gyn which was my weakest area and biostats and patient safety. It has many drug ad questions and is very thorough, so I would highly recommend.

Divine Intervention podcast, preventive medicine episode (Number 27, if I am not wrong): I have listened to this episode so many times, I almost have it engraved in my mind, listened to it once before going to exam, helped me greatly in the exam. (edit: I was wrong, podcast number was 37, link in comments).

Overall preparation time was 3 months.
Time wise, the exam was okay, step 1 was more relaxed on time, but I did finished a few blocks with 5 or 3 minutes on hands and all the blocks with at least 2 minutes (after reviewing), so I didn’t feel so rushed.

October 11, 2019
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