My experience with Step 1 (264) & 2CK (265)

Hi guys,

I’m new to this forum and have been looking at it for past few weeks. Unfortunately, when I was preparing for these exams, I was not aware of this forum. First of all I would like to say thank you to the staff (Sabio, Steptaker and all) and the members for making this site what it is today!

I truly believe that one should never copy the study pattern of another, but should develop his/her own pattern that suits the most to their needs. I will mention the study material I used while preparing for these two exams and if someone finds it useful, it’ll be my pleasure!

For step 1, I used KLN, Goljan RR Pathology, FA (as a reinforcer), Lippincott biochemistry for genetics, BRS behavior science and most importantly, UW QBank. Towards the end, I did NBME 7 and UWSA 1 and 2.

For step 2CK, I used KLN for CK, MTB for step 2CK and some topics from CMDT 2011. Again most importantly UW QBank and in the end NBME 7 and UWSA.

But the real thing I wanted to tell everyone is don’t over burden yourselves with these exams. Honestly I’m an average student, graduated from an average medical college of India. I’m serious when I say that if I can do this, you can do it better! There is no secret to these exams, we all know which books to read, which QBanks to solve. It’s only about hard work and dedication. Everyone of knows most of thing that will come in the exam, we all have graduated from a medical college after all, one of the toughest courses there could be! And those who write the review books like Kaplans FAs, they are truly masters of this field and they write everything for us that is needed for the exams. The key does not lie in WHAT we read, but HOW we go about it. Being faithful towards prep and ourselves is the “secret ingredient” (for all the Kung fu Panda fans!). I would never give an advice of what you should read and from where you should read, my only advice is be dedicated and enjoy your studies and life at the same time! This is just a “step” and our ultimate destination. I recommend everyone to read what Dr. Conrad Fischer has written in the initial few pages of his book MTB.

Feel free to ask me anything you want to, I would be glad to help anyone in what little way I can.

Thank you again for creating this wonderful platform! And God bless you all!

Good luck

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December 26, 2017
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