Ejlal Ali – USMLE Step 2CK 265 Experience



Hi guys here is my experience with ck
Materials used :
Kaplan notes and videos 2014 except for Neuro and derma did 2010 (helpful).
UW 2 times ( very very helpful).
Step up to medicine ( was a regret). MTB2 ( started it but was useless. MTB3 better I did pediatrics from it).
Kaplan Q bank( frustrating and most of explanations is like ( it is right because I said so)
Some CMS ( do them all if you have time)
Time of preparation a year (on/off). I did Kaplan videos first and it takes long time but really worth it. I did UW random and timed ( very important to practice adjusting your timing early). Overall was 77%. I did nbme 7 after UW first round and it was 243. It is important to do 7 early since it has ridiculous questions and don’t be discouraged by it since it is highly unpredictable. I did UW second time system wise and timed
UWSA 1 274 2 weeks before exam
NBME 6 271 week before exam
NBME 8 265. 4 days before exam
UWSA. 2 272 2. days before exam
Real deal 265
Do step 1 first. There was many questions that step 1 style.
Timing is important. Exam questions same length as UWSA 2. If you do UW block 5 mins earlier I think you will be fine.
I didn’t done Amboss and I don’t think it is important to score 265. In my opinion if you have to do extra Q bank do UW step 3.which I was planning to do but ran out of time.
NBME 8 was most predictive. DO all NBME you will thank me later.
Don’t worry about Add Q. The block that has them has 38 questions. My advice will be skip them and leave them to the end.
You should have UW facts on your fingertips. Crash courses helped me a lot since I was using them as revision. Thank you Dr Hesham Salem.
If you are using UW as solely learning tool it is better to do it system wise. If you are using it to test your studying do it random. I prefer the second round to be system wise to put info together.
Lastly if someone told you ck easier than one slap them.
Wish you all good luck

October 11, 2019
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