DrHoney Badger USMLE Step 2CS Experience


Experience time.
Prep time: 8 weeks approx
Materials: FA, Zqsi-cs Tutor, medical-institution.com for mnemonics.
Had one study partner throughout.
Flaw: A damn slow typer

Started out horribly. Slipped on an icy staircase and landed on the back of my head and tore up my right pinky and ring fingers. Presented to the center with a bloodied up schedule permit and even bloodier fingers. Was a bit woozy but was powered by adrenaline. The center helped clean and cover my wounds.

As expected, this affected my patient encounters. Forgot to wear gloves and ran out of time on the first encounter (just began closure). Tying and untying patient gowns were especially difficult. Apart from that, the first 3 encounters went OK. The second 3 cases felt horrible. I felt I did extremely badly. Did not complete 2 patient notes and totally misdiagnosed a patient. The rest were just ok.

My Patient notes were in all CAPS. I used abbreviations generously to make up for my slow typing.

– Spoke as clearly as possible
– Looked them in the eye so much our eyes almost got married.
– Expressed a lot of empathy and told them I was there for them
-Stood for emergency cases and sat for office cases
– Made some good casual conversation with office patients (e.g our mutual love of sushi)
– Narrated my physical examinations as I performed them
– Always asked if they had questions for me
– For patients who smoked or drank a lot, as part of my counsel it told them we HAD WONDERFUL programs to help them quit.
– Closed all my cases completely except the first encounter
– For acutely ill patients in the ER, I told them I’ll monitor them till I’m sure they’re alright and that I’ll relieve their pain immediately after history and physical examination.
– I thanked all my patients before I left the room

– Forgot to glove for first encounter
– Did not complete 2 Patient notes
– Misdiagnosed at least 1 case
– Forgot the name of one patient and called them “Morgan” (too much Red Dead Redemption 2)

Patients were very friendly. Once you show them you care, they open up to you.

I returned home after exam sure I had failed and the headache of the morning crushing my head.

Could not sleep last night. Got my score report today. PASSED

The exam is STANDARDIZED. You can pass anywhere. Stop running to Houston.

Trust your FA!

And if I could pass the exam in Philadelphia after falling on my head, I’m sure you can pass too. So have confidence in yourselves!

Happy to answer any questions.

October 13, 2019
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