DrAnanya Deshmukh’s USMLE Step2CS Experience


Step 2 CS- 9th May
Centre- LA
With high performance in all 3 and star in CIS.
I am writing this specially to tell you all that NO CENTRE IS BETTER OR WORSE. It’s a very standardized exam and it doesn’t matter where you give as long as you’re prepared. I had actually decided I am going to give in LA next time too if I fail!
I prepared for 1 month on and off and 2 weeks seriously. I had 2 online study partners and I did sherazi and first aid. Both twice.
I attended a mock test with Dr. Salman who gives mock in Houston. I think it was extremely useful.
I think that was enough. I was pretty calm when I entered the exam hall and all the proctors were very very nice.
After the first case, I panicked! I thought I wasn’t doing great but I kept calm and took it one case at a time. Finished most cases before time, which was helpful.
But, there were some mistakes! I thought I’ll fail!
Where I went wrong- didn’t remember to ask family history in a few, couldn’t finish 1 patient note, had only 2 diagnosis in one.
What I would change- practice typing earlier in your prep. I started in the last week, hence my speed wasn’t great.
Try for a live partner. I had AMAZING Skype partners but I guess in person would have been better.
This isn’t a very hard exam BUT you need to prepare. They have fixed protocols that they need you to follow.
Be confident, smile and be nice!

October 12, 2019
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