Dr. Waqas Ullah – USMLE Step 2 CK Experience 261

Here is my experience of 261 in step2ck.
Total duration of study 11 months.
I did it with my training thats why it took me very long otherwise it takes about 4-5 months.
Medicine …. MTB 2
Gynea/Obs….Kaplan videos, Kaplan book and MTB 2 and 3.
Peads…Kaplan book, MTB 2 and 3.
Psych…Kaplan book.
Biostate…Kaplan videos, Qudrat videos of 2014.
Surgery…Kaplan videos, Kaplan qx at the end of the book.

And uWorld ,uWorld ,uWorld for all subjects.

This is what i did but i would say the only thing which helped me the most was uWorld, do it at
least 4 times. I did offline soft copy of uWorld and did online at the end, 8 blocks/day to simulate exam.
Do pain management from up to date.
CDC immunization protocol.

NBME 4 and 6 score was 255+ offline.
NBME 7 score 240 online (1 month before my exam).
Here i revised uWorld once again, every time u revise it u will get new points.
UWSA 262 online (4 days before my exam).

Bottom line: DO uWorld again and again. Although i did Kaplan and MTB but the only thing which helped me most was uWorld.
Best of luck. Remember me in your prayers.

October 11, 2019
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