Dr. Vahagn 258 USMLE Step 1 Experience

USMLE Step 1 258

USMLE Step 1 258

experience step 1-258
preparation time 19 months
self assessments
offline NBME3-NBME15 25-34 mistakes,NBME16-182/200,NBME17-186/200,
online UWSA1-245
NBME18-248(april 14)
NBME24-255(may 25)
UWSA2-262(june 6)
free 120-90%(june 20)
exam date july 2-score 258
first of all-exam was doable,remember that fact.
during first 12 month i did Kaplan and FA+UW of that particular subject (this period was with long brakes)
last 7 month was my dedicated period
my first pass o UW was offline,second pass was online-89%
Advice-Kaplan is very good source but one can do it in very short time (3 month)
Believe your assessment scores,it was so helpful for me.
Start your registration process as soon as possible.I was rady for exam but du to problems with registration i waited 20 days

on exam day first 5 minutes were very nervous,than i the nervousness was gone,and everything were ok
Once again exam was doable,there were a lot of easy questions,time was enough.

I will answer any questions kindly….

September 24, 2019
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