Dr. Ted Sam – USMLE Step 1 260 score experience 2019

USMLE Step 1 260

USMLE Step 1 260

Hello fellow Usmlers,
I wanted to share my experience with you guys as a way of forwarding my gratitude to this wonderful group as it helped me a lot in my step 1 Journey. For those of you reading this and who are on your early phases of preparation, I understand the frustration and the overwhelming feeling the thought of the exam brings on you but trust me you will get through it fine. So, don’t lose heart.
And my adoration goes to the God who gave me the grace and strength to come this far.

Year of Graduation- November 2016
Country- Ethiopia
Duration of Study- 1year + 7 months( I’ve a full time job as a General Practitioner at a hospital, so managing time to study was difficult especially during my early phases of study. I studied the last 7 months intensely)
Step 1 score- 260

• Uworld (offline)- 1.5times. Hats off to the makers of Uworld.
• First Aid- 3 times. Reading this book can be like going out on an awkward date with a weird person but when you eventually end up liking them????. During my first read, going through six pages a day was a big deal for me but when I started to understand the concepts it got easier.
• Boards and Beyond- I can’t recommend it enough. It really helped me boost my score.
•Pathoma videos- Teaches pathology to its core. Great resource.
•Kaplan Videos- If your basics were poor like me then going through the videos won’t hurt.
•MTB Medical Ethics- By Conard Fischer
• NBMES’ and of course Wikipedia????.

NBME performance: I did all of them offline. I started doing the questions 3 months prior to taking my exam. I don’t exactly remember all my scores.
NBME 1- 5: 25 to 30 mistakes (Three months prior)
NBME 6, 11-17: 15 to 20 mistakes
NBME7: 8 mistakes
NBME 19: 8 mistakes
NBME 20: 16 mistakes (1 month prior). It was a bummer!
NBME 18: 10 mistakes (two weeks prior)
Free 120- 92 % correct ( 1 week Prior)

Exam Day: I slept for about six hours the night before the exam and woke around 6 AM. The exam started around 8 AM. The questions were like a mix of NBMEs and Uworld. Most of the questions were pathology. There were few bizarre questions. Whenever I was faced with a tough question I would immediately move to other questions so that I would deal with the easy ones and then have some time to get back to the tough ones. This made me time efficient. I recommend using this strategy if you are weak on your time management.

Some few points that I think are important for this journey:
●Surround yourself with positively minded and supportive individuals. You don’t want toxic people around you that infuse you with confusion and despair. I have two awesome friends with whom I studied for the exam and their presence made many things a lot easier. They also scored great on the exam.

●Always gauge your progress by taking the assessment tools like NBMES. Don’t rush!!!

●Do as many questions as possible. I can’t emphasize this enough.

●Feeling overwhelmed is a very normal state to go through. Just don’t stay there. Everybody who went through this has experienced it in one way or another. So you are not alone. You can do it!!!

And finally, whoever you are I wish your dreams come true. Your hard work will definitely payoff. If there is anything I can help, you can inbox me.

September 24, 2019
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