Dr. Sid Rao – USMLE Step 2 CK Experience


My experience: Took it recently. I honestly felt as though it was of easy/mediocre difficulty. Nevertheless, I am really worried as I made the cardinal sin of not getting enough sleep the night before. I slept for 1-2 hours, just couldn’t sleep and I didn’t take any sleep aids as I was afraid of feeling groggy. I basically hit a wall after block 2. I would read a question and it just wouldn’t register in my mind. So had to go to default mode where I wasn’t thinking much and answering questions. I have a really good memory and things just weren’t clicking- I couldn’t recall the uworld charts as well. I can think of 30+ silly mistakes Ive already made, and I don’t usually remember exam questions. Feeling pretty down. I worked really hard and I knew UWorld really well- getting 95% average towards the end second time. uwsa/nbme’s in 250+ range. Feeling like I failed. Worked so hard for this and it feels pretty bad. Worst exam experience of my life.

For those yet to take the test: it’s doable. Master the concepts in Uworld. The last day, relax and just read the uworld charts/notes. It’s not a hard exam. I felt comfortable with most of the questions- I recall only 1 question where I said to myself- never heard of this. Please get enough sleep and come prepared with your thinking hat on. Some questions are long and it requires significant focus and concentration to weed out options with clues given in the long questions. about 10-13 questions/ block were long in the exam. rest were 5-6 lines. Do CMS if you have time as they will teach you how to think during exam. Focus on preventive medicine-about 10-20 questions. Also i had about 10-15 biostats questions. For the drug abstract, first read the questions, then go to the abstract and figure out what results are significant – P<0.05 or if the CI for RR includes 1 etc. That should help clear up any confusion and help you eliminate choices.I wish you all the best. It was uplifting to read some of the other experiences but I’ve never experienced this kind of exam fatigue and I would have felt awesome if I just could have concentrated.

My stats for those who always ask: Step 1:250’s. Step 2: hoping for a pass.
Mental state: Im at 8/9 for SIGECAPS past 7 days. One more week and I get SSRi’s. lol. Feeling pretty bad, but somehow have to focus and apply now.

October 11, 2019
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