Dr.Mahad Gurey – USMLE Step 2 Ck Experience 242


Alhamdulillah Thanks God, I got my score today 242
Thanks all of you guys, this group helped me a lot
here is my experience
study time 1yr, I started slowly and randomly, then studied seriously last few months, I did MTB 2,3 twice, watched Kaplan class video but didn’t finish them. I didn’t read Kaplan books
I did UW 3 times, first 2 random, but 3rd time I did subject wise in the last month, and it helped me a lot, coz I was able to focus in each subject seperately. I focused UW on the last 3 months

Took my first NBME Form 4 online 231(470) 3 month before exam
NBME Form 7 online 229(460) 50 days before exam
NBME Form 6 online 246(540) 2wks before exam
UWSA: 256 5 days before exam
Also did some of CMS offline
Exam was doable, questions were close to UW, & NBME but little longer, couple questions in each block were very long ones
most challenging for me was time manegement, I was running out of time to answer last 2-3 questions in the 1st two blocks, then the rest of the blocks I was able to finish on time, but didn’t get time to review marked questions. I wasn’t sure my answers, I guessed a lot of answers.
After the test I felt very frustrated, I wasn’t sure if I would pass.
My advice is same as others, stick on UW, try to do as many times as u can of course with explanations every time, and study it as subject wise at least in your last final read, on exam try to manage your time wisely, and don’t spend a lot of time on long and difficulty questions, just do your guess and move on, coz you might not get enough time to answer the last questions of the block that could be an easy ones.
after exam u may feel frustrated and scared but that’s normal for everyone, just relax and believe in yourself u will do fine.
Thanks guys, wish u all the best

October 11, 2019
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