Dr. Hany Eskarous – USMLE Step 2Ck – 258 Experience


Here is my experience ( Step 2 CK 258_)
1 : first of all I may be the guy who over-study so this is only what I did not the thing you should do , i’m very slow learner ..
I want to thank all members here in this group really helpful , it was an important part of my study before starting I had to go fast for all new posts in this group ,anything in doubt, I used to turn on notifications
2 : I want to say that every word said by Eiman Karamallah at this post is really true https://www.facebook.com/groups/usmle2ck/permalink/1259877654042711/)
3 : I have been done with step 1 at 30 november 15 , had a short break then started early as I was thinking to catch this match . so I have to be ready for CK exam in about 6 months because I haven’t been done with CS exam yet
my step 1 score was 247
4 : I couldn’t be ready for my exam so extended twice to be 9 month as a whole (10-12 hours /day) with 1 day / week off
5 : started with kaplan vedios 2015 aside with UW online tutor mode for each branch I watch with writing my own notes from UW and kaplan videos ( mY UW score first time was 69%)
6 : then I started doing kaplan Qbank untimed and was so hard for me , weird Qs my score was in (60-65%) I took my notes also
7 : Did NBME 4 with score 248 , was encouraged to catch my 1st exam date
8: then started doing timed online RX Qbank after that usmle consult and true learn Qbanks with taking notes from only wrong Qs ( I was doing 5 or 6 blocks a day
9 : I did NBME 6 then and shocked by getting 237. extended my eligibility period and didn’t reschedule specific date
10 : started doing UW for the 2nd time and got 91% .CMS.read my notes from whole uw and other banks then did uwsa and got 257
11 : since I already been sure that this match is gone , I insisted on learning , by what I mean practice all Qs as much as I can , so did UW3 online and uw3 assesment ( crazy ) and got 238 in it
12 : last month I did MKSAP , Quick revision for CMS , NBME form 4 of step 3, read files of Satish ( a guy passed with 270+)and uw some weak areas
13 : from the whole sources I tried .
those are more than Enough if you had full concentration in Exam day
– UW CK : Do at least 2 times
– UW step 3 was so helpful for me especially preventive med , cardio , and behavioral
– CMS is A must
– Kpalan Q bank is helpful to practise on timed long Qs , it may have about 10 % conflicts with UW management plan for various diseases but was helpful generally
14 : Again it’s not how much you study but of Quality of your study , I know people did only UW and CMS and get 260+ , so Exam day plus your attitude during the whole journey make difference . know that hard work pays off
15 : Exam day , I couldn’t sleep well and this was a problem ( just 3 hours sleeping despite of taking 2 pills of melatonin )
– had my energy drinks and coffee , went early to exam center , not much examinees were there that day
– started 1st block felt easy , had break then 2 blocks – break-
2 blocks -break – 2 blocks – last break – last block
– I’d say at least I have 15-20 Qs of stupid mistakes and cause of short time missed plus those weird Qs
– don think of previous block when you doing current Qs , I had some obsessions about wrong answers I did before and this affected my concentration
– don panic with weird Qs. do your best guess and leave it to the 270+ guys
– know that the difference between 260 and 270 is few Qs
– trust yourself
– leave the abstract till the end and then go back later
16 : If anybody asked you for help , go ahead , helping others go back to you . I’m sure of that
17 : I still have kaplan Qbank and RX for few months ahead (online subscriptions ) for free for anybody in need and can’t pay online
18 : I’m looking for CS study partner live or over skype , anybody ready plz let me know ( I’m in Toledo OH) , done with first aid book
19 : feel free to ask

October 11, 2019
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