Dr. Dot’s USMLE Step 2 CS Experience


Cs experience…
Appeared mid feb, result : passed.
I had only two to three weeks to prep for this exam and i was travelling and jet lag hit so i lost about 4 to 5 days.
1. First aid cs
2. Sheerazi notes half read
3. Nerraj notes half read

Main resource is practice with a live study partner and also online partners. If possible try to practice with a live partner for a realistic idea of how to time yourself and also the examination process.
Its also super imp to practice with multiple ppl who can point out your mistakes and weak areas. Thanks a ton nancy makar and other friends..
One of the most important things to do is the minicases section of fa and also the discussion part of the long cases .

Practice opening, transitions and also closing statements.
Especially practice neuro and ortho tests so that you can finish them quickly.
Making mistakes is normal and i was sure i had flunked coz of so many silly things but its not as bad as that .
Just relax and give the exam and best of luck !
Oh i appeared at atlanta and I don’t feel the center affects your scores at all !

October 12, 2019
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