Dinesh Devareddy USMLE Step2 CS PASS in 2nd ATTEMPT – Learn from my mistakes !


Guys, I passed my CS exam in 2nd attempt and would like to share my experience. My result came on August 17th. I never really shared my experience on groups in the past during my step 1 and CK exams, but I felt the need and responsibility to share my experience now as CS exam is a tricky exam and there is a chance of failure just for simple reasons.

I failed CS during my 1st time and I never really expected that to happen. The reason for most people for failing CS exam more than Step 1 and CK exams is, here we don’t have proper ‘self assessment tools’ to test ourselves in the way to know whether our preparation is going in the right direction. For me this was the most important reason for failing in my 1st attempt. I got good scores in both Step 1 and CK and never expected to fail CS.

During my 1st attempt, I thought my preparation went well and all my partners gave me a positive feedback. I did not suspect anything negative and I went to the exam with that confidence. During the exam, I realized I had many things to improve. But it was already late. My typing speed is slow and my patient encounters require more time to finish. But I cannot change anything now, I am already in the exam, I cannot get back and practice more. I know I can do better. But time did not permit. This is not because something being wrong with my preparation, I practiced all the cases for 3 times in timed mode and did everything I possibly can in that 1 month. The one thing that I was not aware of doing, was to test myself before going to the actual exam. If you ask me what is the one thing that I did differently the 2nd time, without any second thought, I will say taking a self assessment exam. I did all the mistakes in the self assessment exam and I failed in it. But it is always better to fail in the self assessment rather than real exam.

It is not that my english is bad or I have poor communication skills, it is just that I tend to talk to my patients more and waste time for unnecessary things as I caught up in knowing their lives and taking care of their health and well being in a comprehensive way. It is good and help you in real life but not in the exam. The exam has to be done the way it has to be. We need to make sure to ask all the relevant questions in the best possible way we can in the shortest amount of time we have. So, in order for you to achieve that it is always better to do a self assessment exam and work on your weaknesses. No matter how many times you practice with your partner it does not even approach 10% of the real exam. You will realize this after the exam. You can ask people who took their exam and they will tell you the same.

The whole point for me to write this post is to stress upon the importance of self assessment exams, the importance of simulating the real exam environment before going to the actual exam. I took the GOLD USMLE CS mock exam, which is located right next to Baymont inn in Houston. It is very convenient and in walkable distance for people who prepare for their exam in Baymont inn. GOLD USMLE REVIEW succeeded in simulating the exact patient encounters. I would say it is more or less 95% similar to exam environment. The patients also give us their feedback right after the encounter which will really help us, they will point our strengths and weaknesses and will suggest us whether we are prepared for the exam or not.

I just want to share my experience and make people aware that there are self assessment exams out there available even for CS exam. I did not know this during my 1st attempt and I lost it. I reckon there are still many people out there who don’t know this. This post is for them.

This is not an advertisement for any company or anything. And this is a genuine person with genuine profile.

October 12, 2019
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