Dina Abdelrahman – USMLE Step 2 CS Experience



My experience with the CS
Test day: April 30th in houston.
Passed with high performance in all three areas.
Took the ck February 8th . Passed with 230
Studied inconsistently after ck until April 30th
Practiced live with one friend who was taking the test same time. Practiced a few times over the phone.
Studied FA cases ann’s developed my own mnemonics , created a big master sheet for all systems and complaints. (I’ll be glad to share when i am back home)
Listened to youtube special tests and examinations
Test day: i wrote some mnemonics in some cases but most of the time i depended on my memory (i practiced the mnemonics a lot)
Forgot to write the workup in one patient
Forgot to write down special tests, that i performed, in my notes in at least 1 or 2 patients
Forgot to perform some special tests in at least one patient (straight leg raise in back pain patient)
Didn’t have time to ask about half of the patients if they have any further questions or concerns
Forgot questions that might be important in many cases

Things i did correctly:
Greeted everyone with respect
Used gloves in all patients
Informed them of every part of my exam
Allowed them to tell me all their concerns without interruption
Showed empathy and concern
Talked with them as a human with genuine concern and attention
(I’m a psychotherapist by profession)
Counseled most of the patients and gave advice (smoking..etc.)
Best wishes to al

October 12, 2019
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