Dina Abdelrahman _ USMLE Step 2 CK Experience

220 step 1
Studied ck for about one year intermittently (too long)
Read Kaplan in IM (useless),
Read MTB (useless)
Heard some kaplan (useless)
Useless if you have good step 1 base.
UW notes twice
UW online twice
UW 1st pass untimed about 72%
I had 1st aid open throughout my review
UWSA1 244
UWSA2 213 (was so stressed i guessed)
No nbme
I wrote my own notes second round of uw from the things i needed to review later (ended up with about 3 notebooks very widely typed so maybe 1 notebook normally written)
I reviewed the notes 3 times before the test
To all moms on the group i have a big family and I’m quite busy, if i can do it you can.

October 11, 2019
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