Banush Sa – Second Attempt PASS !!


CS- non sense exam !

Pass it second attempt !!

First time was march 2018, at that time I study for this exam full 2 intensive months with SP and my wife at home, I was so confident during the exam and did so good in all cases never forgot a single question to ask or PE performing !, the only thing at that time that I was woried a little was my english, and the results came back and I failed in CIS, I was so shocked, if they would fail me in english I would not be surprised.
Second time February 2019, I pass, and I swear to God Since my first attempt I never did a single case for CS agin even with my wife at home, I had pay the exam and I had to take it jus bcs I could not sell the date to someone, which I have try a lot.
I was so sad for attempt and my low step scores so I was ready to wait 3 more years and take all exams again, so I did not care or try to pass CS at this time but I dont wana look unprofessional during the exam, so I wanted to fail my self but not look stupid, so I finished every case in 8-9 mins and type every case with plenty of time but not enough info to type my HPI in ever case was between 400-500, but dg was in every case very accurate and diagnostic study very accurate.
I was again surprised on passing result and they pass me with high performance in CIS !! And almost fall me on SEP !!, so my english during the last year improved so good as I was working as MA and scribe during this time.
So I think this exam is so personal and so luck that no one knows who will pass or who will fail.
Good luck to every one.

October 12, 2019
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