Ayo Omole USMLE Step 3 Experience



I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times… ”UWORLD was the most important resource.” Well, allow me to reemphasize that. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE. For self assessments, UWSAs will seriously underestimate you. NBMEs were good. In fact, many past test takers said if you can get a 400 on either NBMEs, you’ll have a great chance to pass the exam.

I studied for 3months about 4-6hrs a day each. Using uworld and boardvitals – a total of ~2500 questions, OnlineMedEd for diabetes mgt and Biostatistics, Boards and Beyond for Biostats too, YouTube, google.

17 days to day 1 – UWSA1 = 182
10 days to day 1 – NBME4 = 400
3 days to day 1 – UWSA2 = 199

(Disclaimer: This is what I did to get my score. If you want a better score, you’ll definitely need to do a little more intensive preparation than that.)

Finally, I want to thank God for this success and this group for the support. It is finished. See y’all at Residency ??❤️. Good luck.

October 13, 2019
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