Anchal Shivalik USMLE Step3 Experience




So , first of all, I have made 2 posts already about my exam experience. Please just search them. If you still have questions beyond it, i would happily answer but please don’t ask the things I already answered.

Second, the trick that Ekta Shah mentioned for Step 3 score works. I got the Expired permit thing and I passed and someone told me they had the yellow link to reapply under it and I didn’t.

Third, I am really sorry but i cannot answer that if you are ready to give exam. I was ready before my exam, scared i would fail after exam and here I am now, so I don’t think I can answer that. If you are scoring +/- 10 within your goal range on UWSAs, I hope it should be good but again, I cannot answer that with surity.

My Step scores :
220,231, first pass.

UWSA 1 3 weeks before exam : 207
NBME 4 , 2 weeks before exam : 350
UWSA 2, 1 week before exam : 222

What i studied : MCQ : UW and CK tables. And did my own CK notes for my weak subjects. Kaplan for ethics which I didn’t think help much but read if you have ample time.

Biostats : UW step 2,3. UW Biostats. Step 1 Fa biostats. Kaplan Biostats (is a good book for this)

CCS : crush ccs, UW, (was a good practice tool) Edit 2 : I forgot to mention but i also did archer , i think it’s available on the group, that one only. They are good to give you an orientation

step 1 things I read : Just a basic read of micro and pharm. Not too indepth. The ques I remember were also not very indepth

In the end :
Thank you to everyone in this group! All the people who helped answer all the queries, all the doubts, all the support, all the exam experiences. Thank you so so much.
Questions are welcome but if they are repetitive or something i have already answered in pre posts or here, I’ll probably ignore it. Thanks again everyone

October 13, 2019
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